Metal Roofing Restoration

Houston Metal Roof Repair and Installation

Houston metal roof repairs are essential to keep your property warm and dry as possible. It is better to call a professional Houston metal roofing repair contractor as-soon-as you notice an issue with your roof than to wait until your leaking roof problem causes damages to other properties like equipment, furniture, carpets, electronics and flooring.

In It for The Log-Term

TMRC desires to build long-term relationship with our customers by listening to their needs and then suggesting the best solution to your Houston metal roofing restoration. A poorly performed metal roof repair or a poorly installed metal roof can cause excessive damage to your property, make your work conditions unsafe, and ultimately cost you thousands in roof repair fees. That is why we guarantee to get the job done right the first time – everytime.

No Job Too Small or Too Big

We are certified for all types of roofing projects including residential homes, commercial stores, buildings, churches, and industrial buildings. We handle all insurance claims, inspections & adjustments on damaged roofs due to storms. We are bonded and insured for your protection. TMRC will install any type of roofing system on your Houston home or business. Our roofing contractors are experienced and knowledgeable, and our roof consultants can provide expert advise on the best ways to go about repairing or replacing the metal roof on your home or commercial property.

We Help Business Avoid Unexpected Expenses

We also understand the challenges business owners face in today’s economy and the effect it can have on their commercial roof. To extend the lifespan of your commercial and industrial roof and reduce the amount of spending needed for major repairs, proper roof maintenance is imperative. By partnering with building owners and facility managers across Texas, TMRC has helped to identify their early commercial roofing problems and has developed cost effective service solutions. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, TMRC will identify your roofing problems and develop cost effective service solutions that will exceed your expectations. We have knowledgeable and dedicated Houston TX roofing experts and our many years in the Houston roofing industry have steadily built our reputation as Houston most trusted roofing company.


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Getting Rid Of Water Mold

Look at Bathroom Tile

Have you noticed some forms of growth developing in the crevices between the tiles in your bathroom walls or kitchen counter? Have you been scrubbing ever so frequently but still these dark growths seem to keep coming back? Don’t you wish there was a way that you can get rid of them? If you replied a yes to any of the above questions, then you are likely to be suffering from a serious case of water molds. If you are unable to get it under control yourself you’ll need to call a professional mold clean up contractor to do a mold remediation. Here is some information that can help you regarding this type of problem in your home.

Basic Information About Molds

First, in order f to deal effectively with these creatures, you need to know some of basics about the organism. What exactly are these microscopic menaces that are starting to invade your home? Are they dangerous? We commonly call them molds, but in scientific terms, they are classified as a form of fungus. In the living world, the kingdom of fungi is a classification that is very much different from plants as well as animals. Fungi, like the molds that grow on your tiles, reproduce by means of spores, and have no methods by which they make their own food. They obtain their nutrition from decaying matter. They also adore places that have the right amount of moisture and temperature.

Mold Can Cause Health Problems

Regarding the question on how dangerous molds can be, although some species of fungi can cause deadly and infectious diseases, this kind of molds does not. However, the spores that they release when they are reproducing, Cause some people to have asthmatic attacks or allergic reactions upon inhalation of the spores. This is why keeping your home mold-free should be a top priority. You should contact a doctor right away if any allergic or feverish symptoms are noticed on children or other members of the family.

You can Clean up Small Areas of Mold

Here are some useful tips to note: because mold loves damp and moist places, check all your pipes and drainage to detect any leaks. If found, repair these leaks right away, and remove any wood panels, pipes, or tiles that have been seriously damaged by the molds. For small mold colonies growing on tabletops, counter-tops, or wall tiles, you can use a disinfectant such as bleach with water. Do this mold clean up regularly and keep the areas as dry as possible after each use. This prevents the mold from coming back and producing more spores that can cause allergies. Find out more about household remedies for treating molds, and start making your home a mold-free and clean environment today.

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Add Ceiling Fans to Residential Remodeling Projects

Ceiling fans have grown in popularity over the years as a desirable feature for residential remodeling projects. They are attractive, make good selling points on virginia homes and increase comfort and air circulation in the area. Ceiling fans are typically run using electrical circuits and can be installed by a handyman service with proper licensing in electrical work. They not merely add an air of sophistication visually, they produce a more comfortable temperatures and better lighting.

These units are helpful for homes with and without central ac. While most homes now have it, should the unit break, ceiling fans can help lower the temperature and increase the comfort in a room. Unlike upright fans, these varieties force circulation at a faster pace, creating greater blood circulation. The faster the air circulates, the faster the air evaporates perspiration, heat and moisture from skin of anyone in the space. This makes the skin feel cooler and increases the level of comfort. With the ceiling fan running, the air conditioner could be set to a higher temperature, which saves on energy bills.

Many models have lighting in addition to fan blades. The lights can be turned on or off whether the fan is running or not. Depending on the form of fan and light fixture design, the lights can be quite a single unit at the beds base of the fan blades or branch out in many directions, similar to a candelabra or chandelier.

Winter Heat
In chilly weather, a ceiling fan can help to keep a room warm. Heat rises. When warm air is pumped into a room, it heads to the highest point. One good way to circulate warm air is to reverse the direction of the fan blades to clockwise. When used on a very low setting, this will force warm air upwards and throughout the flat ceiling to the walls and adjoining rooms. The warm air will permeate the room, increasing the temperature sooner and reducing the quantity work for the furnace.

Aside from comfort and light, add ambiance, style and sophistication to any room. Choosing where to place the unit may depend on room size and blade span. Ceiling fans may be installed in bedrooms, kitchens, entertainment centers, living rooms and other areas in the home with sufficient electrical wiring and ceiling structures. When completing a custom remodeling project, homeowners may have an interior remodeling company or local handyman service do the installation. This will likely reduce the risks of electrical wiring problems and insecure installation. There will almost always be left over debris from the installation. We would advise you to call a junk removal expert come to your house to clean it all and haul the junk away up for you.

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Economical Residential Remodeling Projects Increase In Popularity

Within a tough economy, it may not be convenient to undertake a home remodeling project. It’s during these tight financial times that contractors find themselves doing many projects that “need” to be done, rather than the ones that people would “like” to have done. Northern Virginia residential remodeling projects that get the most attention from contractors more recently tend to be maintenance, extensive repairs and upgrades. Some projects are more involved than others, but might be tied to issues of safety or frustration.

One of the most popular targets of recent do it yourself attention is the bathroom. If the functionality of an outdated bathroom is questionable, many homeowners are ready to take the plunge. Through the years, Northern Virginia building codes have been changed and upgraded. Homeowners are finding themselves updating many aspects of the bath that are related to health, safety and even energy conservation issues. Some are done to maintain compliance, while others are simply a matter of being environmentally and household bill conscious. Low flow shower heads, low flush toilets and replacement windows are only a few of the things that people change. Some requirements include a switch that limits how hot the hot water can be and installation of bathroom vents that prevent moisture issues which create mold problems. A Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling project usually includes replacement of moisture damaged wood and subflooring, and worn bathtubs and showers. You also must hire a professional and licensed construction dumpster rental company

A government energy tax credit has encouraged homeowners to use certain items that have now been deemed energy efficient while carrying out a home remodeling project. A number of these items are appliances. Perhaps one of the most popular is the tankless heated water heater. This can be installed among other remodeling initiatives, such as for instance a new washer and dryer or a new shower. Energy saving replacement windows are now being installed where painted shut windows with deteriorating glazing once belonged. Modern vinyl windows block the radiant heat energy from the sun, helping to make rooms warmer. The newer versions are a tighter match fewer drafts and reduce energy bill that way aswell. Modern appliances use less energy and also radiate less heat while in use. These appliances are more efficient over time usage, as well. It takes less time or non-e at all for a cook top or oven to preheat.

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Residential Remodeling and Kitchen Design

Today, the kitchen is not used just for cooking – it is literally the heart of your home. You cook, eat and keep in touch with family in this one simple room. It sees a lot of wear and tear and is one of the most high-traffic areas in any home. Just as it has to look attractive and beautiful, it has to be functional. You end up cooking, storing and cleaning there. In some cases a kitchen may additionally have multiple entry points.

Plan It Right

This makes it all the more critical for this 1 room to be fashioned with care and attention to detail. When you take up a kitchen designing project as part of a larger residential remodeling plan there are some basic goals that you should keep in mind. Decide whether you want to go in for a complete overhaul or prefer making some simple changes to give a new look to the room. Set a budget after which work through that budget.

Track Your Budget

It is very simple to overstep a home design budget as material costs are constantly on the rise. Yet another reason why residential remodeling budgets go out of hand is because you will find always new and modern materials and products available in the market which might be expensive as well. Usually do not cut corners, but allocate a budget and adhere to it. Explore various design a few ideas on various websites and get help from an expert designer if necessary.

Design Experts

Today, there are numerous designers and remodeling contractors who specialize in kitchen designing. They’ll certainly be able to help you design your kitchen well and make use of the available space effectively. When you yourself have a larger space, consider a kitchen island. Assign some space for storing below the island. In addition, you get portable islands and you will opt for those. This provides you with a little bit of flexibility. Focus on functionality and elegance and buy durable faucets and cabinet door handles. Use strong and good-quality hardware and materials.

Add Beauty to Your Home

Take back floor space by adding some wall cabinets. You can also have hooks above the island where pots and pans can be hung up. If you are replacing some of the appliances, allocate a budget for that too. You can consider replacing the flooring or the countertops or getting entirely new cabinets. Ensure that the style of your new kitchen doesn’t clash with the décor in the rest of the house. You may not want an ultra-modern design kitchen in a home where the rest of the furniture is antique. Maintain consistency and a flow between most of the spaces in your home and begin to see the interiors come to life. Rent dumpsters to get rid of all of the left over remodeling debris.

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San Diego State Residential Remodel & Room Addition Case Study

This project, a single family residence originally built-in the late 1950’s, is one of the finest examples for the Design-Build process in which I’ve ever been involved. A split level home in the Hillcrest area, with a covered breeze way separating your house from the detached garage, it was a very common “ranch rambler” style home with low sloping roofs and flat level ceilings. Heating & Air conditioning, windows & insulation, along with water fixtures were original equipment, and all were in need of upgrades.

We started with approximately 3, 600 square feet of living space, consisting of; 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms, a really dated Kitchen, standard Dining & Living Room all at grade level upstairs, and a dark lower level with Family Room, Bedroom, Bath, and Laundry Room. Also upstairs we had a regular 2-car Garage with limited circulation for vehicle to get into the garage, with created some conflict with the leading Entry and the covered breeze way.

The goal was to enclose the breeze way for a new Kitchen and Nook, which would create connection, and direct access, to the Garage, to raise the height of the entire roof, and introduce a new grand tower Foyer. We also wanted to expand the upper level Balcony overlooking the trunk yard, and increase the view to the Open Space canyon at the rear of the property.

I possibly could easily write a book on this one project, however I decided to take a different approach. Yes, we took many pictures to capture our progress along the way. But I also documented the status with videos where I really could walk you through the home, inside and out, and narrate the changes even as we viewed them together. I trust you’ll enjoy the article, and that this form of teaching and learning will add value to your upcoming residential remodel.

Front of House – Before

This really is one of those jobs that was stripped down to the studs, inside and out. The drywall, insulation, electrical, plumbing, all of it was removed allowing for a full retrofit of the utilities, and to carry it into compliance with current code. We even removed a large portion of the existing structural roof system to increase the ceiling heights in several of the rooms.

Front of House – After

Following the building plans we completed, I commenced with the permit process through the town of San Diego… and exactly what a process it was. Our plans were reviewed, and approved, by six different departments, over a 4-month time period, culminating in our building permit to begin construction. Then came the changes, by the owners, the conditions that individuals uncovered during demolition, and the interior designer as the project unfolded. All these are very common in the home remodeling process.

The construction evolved over a 12-month period of time, with imported materials requested by the master, and modifications to site itself when additional out-buildings were introduced.

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