Add Ceiling Fans to Residential Remodeling Projects

Ceiling fans have grown in popularity over the years as a desirable feature for residential remodeling projects. They are attractive, make good selling points on virginia homes and increase comfort and air circulation in the area. Ceiling fans are typically run using electrical circuits and can be installed by a handyman service with proper licensing in electrical work. They not merely add an air of sophistication visually, they produce a more comfortable temperatures and better lighting.

These units are helpful for homes with and without central ac. While most homes now have it, should the unit break, ceiling fans can help lower the temperature and increase the comfort in a room. Unlike upright fans, these varieties force circulation at a faster pace, creating greater blood circulation. The faster the air circulates, the faster the air evaporates perspiration, heat and moisture from skin of anyone in the space. This makes the skin feel cooler and increases the level of comfort. With the ceiling fan running, the air conditioner could be set to a higher temperature, which saves on energy bills.

Many models have lighting in addition to fan blades. The lights can be turned on or off whether the fan is running or not. Depending on the form of fan and light fixture design, the lights can be quite a single unit at the beds base of the fan blades or branch out in many directions, similar to a candelabra or chandelier.

Winter Heat
In chilly weather, a ceiling fan can help to keep a room warm. Heat rises. When warm air is pumped into a room, it heads to the highest point. One good way to circulate warm air is to reverse the direction of the fan blades to clockwise. When used on a very low setting, this will force warm air upwards and throughout the flat ceiling to the walls and adjoining rooms. The warm air will permeate the room, increasing the temperature sooner and reducing the quantity work for the furnace.

Aside from comfort and light, add ambiance, style and sophistication to any room. Choosing where to place the unit may depend on room size and blade span. Ceiling fans may be installed in bedrooms, kitchens, entertainment centers, living rooms and other areas in the home with sufficient electrical wiring and ceiling structures. When completing a custom remodeling project, homeowners may have an interior remodeling company or local handyman service do the installation. This will likely reduce the risks of electrical wiring problems and insecure installation. There will almost always be left over debris from the installation. We would advise you to call a junk removal expert come to your house to clean it all and haul the junk away up for you.

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